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Amanda Pippitt apippitt at millikin.edu
Tue Feb 12 18:40:44 CST 2019

Dear collective wisdom-
I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with a similar situation that might be able to provide some advice. I'll start by saying I'm not sure this is the best listserv for the question, but as the items in question currently come to me as the archivist/special collections librarian, I'm trying it first.

The nursing graduate students at my school are required to produce a "scholarly project" as part of their degree requirements.  Until now, that project has been printed, bound, and given to the archives to store.  Current students do look at past projects as they begin to work on their own, but get frustrated that the only way to look at them is in print, which means they can only look at them when the archives is open (weekday afternoons), and that's not always very convenient, especially since they don't live on campus like the undergraduates.  I've been working on a process to have future projects submitted digitally, which I have worked out, except for one issue.  

There is a student who, as part of her project, needs to reproduce the Iowa Model of Evidence-Based Practice (rev. 1998).  She has a permission letter from the copyright holder to do so (University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics), but that permission letter specifically states "permission is not granted for placing on the internet," which I would think would prevent me from digitizing the pages reproducing it.

Has anyone else experienced a similar situation?  If so, how did you handle it?  Just redact that page (or pages) when putting it online?  If so, I assume you would keep a non-redacted version of the file stored somewhere?

Should I be advising these students to ask for copyright permissions in such a way as to allow the content to be part of a digitized project, or is that a losing and/or expensive battle? 

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